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Our Box of Bravos™ is a must-have at every performance. Not only do these boxes add a splash of color and beauty to your event, they provide an opportunity for an audience of encouragers to hand (or toss) single-stem roses to stars of your show.


Roses can also be used to create and/or boost bouquets!


Filled with 72 single-stem roses in your choice of colors, the Box of Bravos™ can either be given away or sold to supporters to raise funds for the host organization.


If the Box of Bravos™ is gifted to a host organization by an encourager, the organization will earn a portion of the purchase price and the option to gift or sell the roses at their event.


Each Box of Bravos™  is hand-delivered to the participating event on a scheduled date.



Box of Bravos™ by The Bitty Bravo

Preferred Color of Roses

    Box of Bravos™ are final sale. Crates can be returned for a $10 credit, or pick up will be scheduled.


    We deliver the Box of Bravos™ or pick-up can be scheduled for a $10 promotional code.

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