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This 8.5"x11" poster or 11 x 14 placemat is the perfect daily reminder for your little achiever with big aspirations. Designed to help kiddos start their day in the most positive and mindful wayThe Before Anything List™ was created to assist you as you guide your child through the day's most foundational steps.


The Bitty Bravo's founder, B. Lin Murphy, found that by setting guidelines at the start of every day she helped her daughter manage mornings more responsibly. In turn her then 6-year-old felt more empowered her to independently tackle tasks and challenges throughout the day. 


This list should be used to explain the benefits of establishing healthy morning habits and to encourage students to accept responsibility for their personal development from the moment they rise.


A portion of each The Before Anything List™ purchase is donated to partnering public schools.

The Before Anything List™ Poster

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