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Treat your little achiever to literature that will encourage them to take the next steps toward their goals. The Very First book series is literature dedicated to helping beginners prepare for brand new experiences. 


In the first book of the series, The Very First Ballet Class for a Bittyrina, readers are introduced to Bittyrina GiGi. GiGi is a young girl who will soon begin her dance training as a student at Miss Sheila's School of Dance. Readers walk through the moments leading up to Bittyrina GiGi's very first ballet class.


Throughout the series, Bittyrina GiGi encounters many Very First experiences. Each time, she learns different ways to prepare as a novice and conquer beginners' anxiety. The series emphasizes the importance of preparation to minimize the potentially crippling effects of nervousness and anxiety.


Like GiGi, readers learn that new experiences are less unnerving when you prepare. 

The Very First Book Series by Bittyrina

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