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Designed to accompany and illustrate the purpose behind our The Before Anything List prioritization tool for little achievers, The Before Anything List book take readers on a journey through a typical Saturday at GiGi's house. 


GiGi has many big plans for fun and excitement, but first, Mommy reminds her that she must complete some helpful and HEALTHful actions. She scratches down a list of key activities and challeneges Bittyrina GiGi to complete them BEFORE ANYTHING.


Aware that she's been invited to a friend's birthday party later in the day, GiGi powers through her Before Anything list with help from her big sister, Raya. Completing her list incorporates multiple members of her family, and shows how our goals become closer to achievement with the help of engaged supporters.


The book is scheduled to release and ship mid-March. We hope you will hop on the journey early. We'll show appreciation by shipping a book from our The Very First book series and some goodies to keep you warm while you wait for this Spring 2024 release!


***Here's information about our The Very First book series:


Throughout the series, Bittyrina GiGi encounters many Very First experiences. Each time, she learns different ways to prepare as a novice and conquer beginners' anxiety. The series emphasizes the importance of preparation to minimize the potentially crippling effects of nervousness and anxiety.


Like GiGi, readers learn that new experiences are less unnerving when you prepare. 

The Before Anything List Book

March 20, 2024
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